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A Big Thank You!!

Christa McAuliffe Elementary School would like to thank our generous grantors and supporters for their wonderful contributions to our vision to teach ecological principles and science curriculum in ...more

Butterfly Garden

Would you like to see butterflies in your garden? There are a few things you should know, and websites with information can be more than you really want to know. Here are the essentials:

There are ...more

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Butterfly News

Where are the butterflies?

Butterflies are very temperature sensitive! When it gets cool, some will hibernate in trees, some will migrate to warmer climates, some do both. Our Monarch butterflies ...more

Great News!

The Christa McAuliffe Butterfly Garden donated over 60 Monarch Caterpillars to the Monarch Program! This local organization supports the education of environmental issues, and works on habitat ...more

Our Garden History

In 2005 Ms. Bialik, 2nd grade teacher, received grants and organized volunteers to transform 3 existing raised garden beds from weed ridden to butterfly habitat. Planting host plants and nectar ...more

$800 Garden Grant

school camera photos 046.jpgThank you to the Village Garden Club of La Jolla! The Butterfly Garden at McAuliffe has been selected to receive an $800 garden grant. The funds from this grant will support the upkeep and ...more

Amazing Facts about Butterflies

Did you know that a butterfly caterpillar makes a chrysalis ; a moth caterpillar makes a cocoon ? When a caterpillar is ready to make a chrysalis it will travel away from the plants that are its food ...more