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Lisa Kenchel Locker

Lisa Kenchel

Some Things About 2nd Grade....

Welcome to the new school year!

Learning should be fun, challenging, and rewarding. I want kids to learn to think for themselves and believe that they can succeed. I try to provide a warm and caring environment that is also intellectually stimulating. Most important, I want kids to enjoy school and learning.

I hope you can stop by our room sometime and see all the learning that's going on!

Sharing Schedule

Sharing takes place Tues-Thurs each week. The kids have chart numbers, and #1-11 share on Tuesday, #12-22 on Wednesday, and #23-33 on Thursday. Each month, there will be a different theme for sharing to encourage the kids to bring interesting and educational items (with a few chances to share toys!) Here is the schedule:

September: Free sharing

October: Favorite books

November: Collections

December: Photos

January: Holiday presents

February: Awards, trophies, medals, certificates

March: Something sports oriented

April: Something they made

May: Pets (small, quiet, caged) or stuffed animals--no dogs or cats allowed

June: Free sharing

Supplies Needed....

We can ALWAYS use tissues!

Please save toilet paper tubes, large brown grocery bags, and glass salad dressing bottles for upcoming art projects.

Some Things About Me....

Hi!  I'm Lisa Kenchel, and I have been here at McAuliffe since it opened in 1989.  I attended college at the University of California, San Diego, where I received my BA, MA, and teaching credential.  I have worked in the Oceanside Unified School District for 28 years, and love teaching 2nd graders!  I live in Oceanside with my husband, Roger.  My son, Joshua, is a junior at UC San Diego where he is studying biochemistry and environmental systems.  My daughter, Jillian, is a freshman at Reed College in Portland, Oregon.  Our family has always been very involved in Oceanside schools and the community.  We also enjoy family vacations to Vail, Colorado in the winter, and assorted travel adventures around the world in the summer. 


Homework will be in packets that go home on Monday and are due on Friday.  The packets contain a reading record and math, spelling, grammar, and creative writing pages. Please assist your child as needed, check your child's work, sign the front, and be sure to have the packets back to school on Friday.  There will be a spelling test on the words in the packet each Friday.  Bonus spelling words can be found on the word search/crossword puzzle page inside the packet.  These are the vocabulary words from the anthology stories and are optional but I encourage all students to try.

What's Happening in Room 20....
teddy bear.gif

Flat Teddy is a paper bear that each student will make and give/send to someone who lives somewhere different from Oceanside.  We communicate with our Flat Teddies all year long and map where they are, allowing the students to become more familiar with our world.